Infotext Thomas Schönauer

Thomas Schönauers large scale sculptures can be seen in public spaces worldwide and are part of many important collections. Over the decades he has created an unmistakeable style that always alters the architectural and scenic appearance of its environment tremendously. However, for roughly ten years now an important part of his artistic practice consists in developing a kind of painting that moves decidedly away from all traditional techniques we know, allowing him to get incredible close to the essence of painting in an completely unheard of way.
Schönauer uses custom made compoundings of Epoxy, an industrial form of glue, developed by him continuously for his painting. He adds acrylic pigments and then pours these fluids onto high grade steel boards, where they form structures and shapes according to their exact mixture and composition.
The artist never uses a brush to force a concrete form upon the paint but leaves it to its own laws and principles. His work rather consists in setting the parameters, building the framework and engineering the perfect conditions for the medium to unfold.
Permanent innovation of his unique technique is aimed at giving more and more space to the free play of the paint. For a while, the ego of the artist steps back and leaves the stage to the work process itself.
The extremely complex and dynamic structures and shapes, that arise even on microscopic levels, do not only produce a phenomenal spatial depth, they really seem to let us look into the paint itself, as if they were coming from an inner logic of the paint as the substance of painting. Nothing external has forced these patterns and forms onto the paint, they are simply following their own freedom and exploring their own potential.
Schönauer approaches the central question of creativity and artistic freedom in an absolutely new and fundamental way. He lets painting speak for itself, in its own purely aesthetic language. That allows us to touch this usually highly intellectual topic in a direct and intuitive way, not mediated by theoretical lines of thoughts, but presented to our senses straight forward. It is hard to miss the immediate power and presence of freedom, energy and potential in these works.